DIGILABS is a  company  aiming at the digitalization of the diagnostic services helping the people in receiving superior quality of the same via a very efficient network of labs and diagnostic centers across the country.

The vision to create DIGILABS – Your Portal to Online Reporting ; was driven by the philosophy of integration of all your nearby laboratories and diagnostic centres  ; which you trust  and are pocket friendly onto one platform. Digilabs is known for high ethical standards synonymous with ‘ TRUST ‘ and each and every constituent of ‘Team Digilabs ‘ follows an immaculate value system.

These are the thing you can do with DIGILABS

Book a Health Package

Now choose a Health Package with handpicked tests for your whole body at the best price, and stay safe.

Search a Lab

In a new place? No Problem. Now search a nearby lab from your location and view / book its health tests from your mobile.

Book a Test

Browse or Search from numerous health tests and book it from your preferred lab after comparing lab proximity and price.

All Diagnostic Reports

Receive, View and Upload all your diagnostic reports. Even maintain reports for all your family members.

Ever wondered WHY ..

When life actually runs on a few clicks, why would you visit labs multiple times to give samples, wait long hours for turns and then to collect reports ?

In this world of digitization, why would you be entangled in file folders (for your reports) when all your reports can be securely stored on cloud servers ?

Why shouldn’t you have an option to choose from multiple laboratories, for your tests and select the best packages from comforts of your home ?

DIGILABS is the answer to all these questions. Click here to know how.

You can begin by identifying the best laboratory or diagnostic centre for your tests, book a test from the comforts of your home for home collection or book time slots for your visit. The best part is that you receive all your reports including scans on your personal device. You can further store all your reports and that to of your loved ones on our cloud server in a secured manner for future reference.

So, stay healthy and feel comfortable during the process !

Here’s a preview to what does DIGILABS has to offer

Your Digital Medical File

DIGILABS – My Reports

All your reports are either received directly from laboratories (including scans, x-rays, ultrasounds converted into videos) or uploaded from your device, which can be viewed at all times as per your convenience. These reports will be very efficiently and securely stored at our cloud server for your future reference.

What’s more? .. Not only can you store your reports but also of your loved ones. Further, these reports can be shared via our app with your doctor without even a visit.!!

Your Digital Smart Test Booking Friend

DIGILABS – Book a Test

Well, all you have to do is Search or simply Select (from our given options) your recommended test, then select a laboratory of your choice and book your test for home collection. If the test needs you to visit the laboratory personally you can book time slots depending on your ease.

Here you can also compare all laboratories based on their ratings; proximity and cost effectiveness, thus, helping you make an informed decision,

Your Search Engine to Find a Diagnostic Centre

DIGILABS – Search a Lab

Well, choosing the right laboratory or diagnostic center can be a hassle and challenging experience sometimes.

You can view all centers in your vicinity, select your preferred laboratory,  view the best route to the center or simply choose tests being offered by that specific laboratory.

Your Digital Health Optimizer

DIGILABS – Book a Health Package

Your health should be your primary concern at all times. And the best way to stay in good health is by getting yourself tested periodically so as to identify any disease at an early stage. We offer you multiple, to the point health packages, that you can book with your preferred laboratory at any given time.

Available on App Store and Google Play

Instantly Share your Diagnostic Reports with your Doctor on the App itself !

Outstandingly Helpful !

  • Go Green with Digilabs
  • One Click conversion of X-Rays (and other DICOM files) to Photo / Videos
  • Automatic ‘Push to App’ feature, which ensures instant reports
  • Doctor’s Interface for viewing Patient’s Reports

Go Green with Digilabs


As stated earlier one of the important features of digilabs is to help with the digitalization of Pathology Laboratories and diagnostic centres and thus helping in saving tons and tons of paper and films used on daily basis for generation of reports. We hope and strive to do our part in building a green and digital Nation.